Advanced legacy lens user: What to choose Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-6?

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Re: ??? You are mistaken

Just Having Fun wrote:

temama wrote:

However it's not true focus peaking feature and you can use it only when you shoot RAW files.

I think you missed something. You can use it to shoot JPEGs as I often do with my Nikon "D" lenses. That was mentioned above and I think a video shows how easy it is.

You may be right in that it is not true focus peaking because there seems to be more to it.

OK.But it is not too easy, you will have to press the another button before taking the picture. This works better if you shoot jpg-RAW files, right? Then no need to play with that "fn-button"-procedure.

Anyway - actually I wonder why Olympus did not make proper "focus peaking" function to OM-D, because obviously hardaware would not have limited its implementation.

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