Third Party Battery for NEX6?

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Re: Third Party Battery for NEX6?

Robaire wrote:

foody1000 wrote:

Does anyone else has these Wasibi batteries? I read the reviews on Amazon and one of the reviewers said they didn't work with the NEX 6. Can someone confirm that they indeed work? Thanks.

FWIW, I bought one of the Wasabi batteries from a seller on Amazon, and it didn't work. I have a Nex-7, but the same battery. Got the message Incompatible battery. Use correct model. It also would not fit properly in the camera, and had difficulty getting it out of the camera. The seller was very good with a refund, however. Then bought a Bower battery at a local Fry's electronics store that many have reported as incompatible, but the one I bought actually seems better than the Sony original! I've used the Bower battery for months, and it seems to hold a charge better/longer than the Sony. So, I think it's not just a matter of the particular brand of OEM battery, but will make a difference with a particular revision and the chip inside the battery. I'd just make sure returns/refunds are going to be fairly easy wherever you buy an OEM battery. IMHO, there's likely going to be some small chance you'll get one that is incompatible.

Yes. Sony used some "reserved bytes" in the protocol when they released the second generation NEX (bytes which were not checked before by cameras), which disabled a number of batteries on the market at that moment. Most manufacturers released soon a "fixed" chip, but there are thousands of old batteries already inthe channel.Don't expect a "recall" for those not at the price level they sell.

So you are right, you may find batteries from the same manufacurer which work (or not) depending of the revision of the chip. This is why, if you follow eBay links to specific sellers with confirmed working batteries you will not have problems as the sellers usually get batteries from the same sourse.If they got new chip ones is very unlikely they will get a shipment of the old ones. On bigger sites like amazon it can be another storry as they sel big volume and may change often suppliers.

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