Third Party Battery for NEX6?

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Re: Third Party Battery for NEX6?

captura wrote:

adi9 wrote:

Search for threads related to NEX-7 and NEX5N batteryes (lots of threads with lots of links).Battery working with 7 and 5N will work with newer NEX-es also. Battery working with first generation NEX may not work with later generations. I posted a week or two ago a link to eBay batteries wich I'm using for about one year in NEX7 with no problems whatsoever. They cost around $15 including shipping. There are links on other threads to other models which cost even less around $10.

Speaking about capacity the batteries are rated higher than Sony (more mAh). I did not do a scientific compare but they hold at least the same charge as the Sony original one, which is good enough for me for the price.

Even the oldest batteries from Sony will work well on the newest NEX.

Sony batteries yes.We speak about "third party" ones.Sony does not licence or disclose the battery protocol so third party ones are reversed engineered.Some companies do a better job than other.

Not even makor manufactures like Energizer for example don't get the specs they also do reverse engineering. This is why Sony can sell you a bettery for $70 (cost them 2-3 $ to produce).

Sony is not so bad, they did not really change often their protocol which is known for a while, Canaon and others are much worst.

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