D300s vs D800 comparison.

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Re: To get the most out of any camera...

deednets wrote:

maljo@inreach.com wrote:

...we need to use good technique.

The D800 is a better camera than the D300S. I passed my D300S on to my son.

The D800 has better AF, resolution, dynamic range, high ISO image quality.

I suggest you read a book on basic photography, such as one by John Shaw, to learn how to make sharp well composed images.


I started photography in 1971 and have 10s of thousands of well exposed images and tack sharp! But of course will apply for a beginners course.

I never doubted that the D800 is a better camera! In fact wanted one and say goodbye to my D300s. Fact is that there was a strong wind on Mt Victoria and it was difficult even with good tripods to keep the cameras absolutely stable. The higher resolution of the D800 shows flaws here more than on the lower resolution models. We used mirror lockup and cable release, I guess in your beginners guide there would have been a real hint as to what we did wrong. If you read the exif you would have noticed aperture differences, you might have chosen other apertures?? So did we, the examples are the sharpest of the lot!!

I agree with your statement that the D800 has better resolution, dynamic range and high ISO capabilities, not so sure whether or not the better AF would have made any difference in those photos though. I believe the pixels on the D800 are smaller than the D300, the D800 cramps in approximately 42000 pixels per square mm whereas the D300 "only" has 33000 pixels per square mm. Considering the FF is 864 sq/mm and the D300 is 366 sq/mm three is a huge magnification - and there lies the day to day handling differences. When I picked up the D800 and aimed at a street sign to check focus, I realised that the shutter speeds that were good enough for the D300 are in fact not good enough for the D800. Simple as that.

To suggest that a beginners guide would have helped me here is plain silly!

Thanks so much!


so defensive of there precious d800

if anyone posts anything negative about the d800 over in there forum they just get flamed out

its only a tool

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