Amazon UK surpass all expectations of service - AGAIN!

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Amazon UK surpass all expectations of service - AGAIN!

I'll focus on MY OWN LIFE and what I do wrong, and whatever wrongs are done (if at all) by Amazon officials, are not for me to pass judgement. I'm not "blinkered", I'm just not passing judgement, as it is none of my business, and why would I waste MY LIFE concerning myself with the misgivings of OTHER PEOPLE?

Amazon are a great company *from my personal experience*, and from the experience of many of my friends. There WILL ALWAYS be a group of griping whiners with chips on their shoulders about mega corporations - hey, they can worry and analyse all they like. Bitter, negative people will ALWAYS knock the joy out of *anything*, and twist it into something negative. Amazon have always given me stellar, polite and efficient customer service, so how can I possibly complain OR judge them? Do you WANT me to be bitter on purpose, simply to align with negative, cynical "mass opinion"?

I am well aware the world is full of sin, but we are ALL sinful, so let God judge, not us

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