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kpaschall wrote:

kpaschall wrote:

I'm sure either direction will be fine but i'm struggling over which platform to move to. I've got a D90 with the kit lens that i'm going to pass down to my son and leaning toward getting a full frame. The size and price of D600 or 6d appeals to me but could always go with a used body. But i'm at a point where I want to get some good lenses so i'm not tied to any manufacturer. Camera will be used for the broad range of family pictures, travel, but also a lot of kids sports, both indoors (basketball) and outdoor football and baseball. I may rent the 70-200 2.8 lens for catching some of the indoor sports initially and get a couple good primes to start.

Video isn't a primary concern as I use my Canon HF G10 for sports video.

Can anyone who has experience with both Canon/Nikon (maybe others) give me the high points of any differences between overall platforms for my needs?


So I shot with a rented 6d today for some indoor basketball with the 70-200 f/4. Felt like I got some good shots considering not that familiar with it and would only improve with more time. Going to try out the D600 with the Nikon version lens next week. Anything I can look for between the two brands? I feel like indoor sports is the toughest thing I'll shoot so whichever does best here might be the choice.

So I've got decisions to make between canon/Nikon but also FF vs DX. If i'm going to probably end up with a 70-200 2.8 which format is going to serve me best?

FF is heavier and more expensive but usually has less noise. If you are trying to shoot sports indoors and need to bump up the ISO, FF may be your best bet.

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