So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Re:Not much

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Roger wrote:

Greetings Roland

Thank you for asking. I've been in the business for 40 years now and I've been working with Sigma since 1977 and Sigma/Foveon sense 2002. I thought by now we'd see a DP, a long the lines of of a Olympus OM-D or a Sony Nex 7. It can be done, but what did we get? A DP3. What's that about??? No flash, no high ISO, no battery life, on manual focus, no PC slot, slow write speed, large lens, are they trying to go out of business? I know the IQ is great but the competition is closing in, fast very fast. I don't expect to see another SD camera. I was hoping to see a butt kicking 1.3 crop DP with weather sealing, high ISO, tilt screen, evil finder, PC slot, interchangeable lens and a adapter for the SA lenses. Like the Nex, Olympus OM-D, EPL-5, you get the idea. Tell me why I'd spent the money to buy a DP1m DP2m, DP3m, for $3000 USD and a DSLR system????

A lot more could have been done/come out. I'm afraid Sigma/Foveon will be caught up with and that will be the end.


Roger J.

I fully agree with you.

But ... the more modest plans of Sigma has been obvious since many years back.

They are building Very Simple Cameras with a Butt Kicking Sensor. And they will continue doing so for many moons too come.

Hello Again

Yes, I agree with 99.99% of what you said.  Sigma builds simply cameras with a great sensor but difficult to use at times and not for the average shooter.  As for many moons to come,.......I'm not to sure about this statement.  If sales decline or don't go the way expected I can see Sigma dropping their camera dept. and staying do what works for them lenses.  Like what happened to their Film cameras the SA series.  Here one day gone the next.

Sony produced the RX1 FF just to show they could not to sell a lot of.  They are just making a statement, look at us look at what we can do.  When ever we want at any time we want.  I don't like Sony.  The price will come down and FF will get better and better and cheaper.

As the new companies come on line with their newer sensors (like the company in Belgium) sensors will get better and better and cameras will get smaller and better.  Where will Sigma fit in?

Have fun

Roger J.

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