$2.00 Wired Release from Found Objects....

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Re: $2.00 Wired Release from Found Objects....

Russell Evans wrote:

The setting Ozdean is probably referring to is the in the third tab of the custom menu, item 18, AF with Remote Control. The is 19 as well that sets the behavior of the remote in Bulb.

If these aren't the issue, pull the bottom rubber plug out of the camera and see if there is any corrosion built up.

Thank you

Thanks everyone.  I did that. It's very clean.

Now my camera is great to all internal everything.  Internal flash exposure is accurate and nice (when not shooting portrait of course).  Self timer is great when using tripods.  All lenses are on 0 for fine AF adjustment (including all Pentax lenses and Sigma 17-50)!

But it does not like "foreign" stuffs, haha.  Neither Metz nor Pentax 360 gets correct exposure.  Neither cable nor remote release (both Pentax) can trigger the shutter consistently..

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