Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

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Re: Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

Thanks for the replies...  Not to laugh at Epson, but they must have gotten an INCREDIBLE deal on large quantities of blue tape!  I've never peeled so many little pieces of tape off OTHER little pieces of tape in my life.  But, I got 'em off, the printer set up, and all connected...

Yes, the automatic nozzle check on mine ALSO generated a sheet with a bunch of little colored areas and nothing to tell me whether or not things are properly set up.  Even looking at the colors with an 8X loupe doesn't tell me anything 'cause I don't have anything to compare...  Which is why I was wondering if I'm REALLY supposed to do a manual check.

When I started the printer, it did the ink charging and whatever other fiddly stuff it does, but mine didn't print any sheet.  Do I somehow need to print a sheet to show me anything...

And I'm STILL curious about the whole microweave adjustment and bi-directional thing...  Is there anything else I SHOULD be doing or can I just happily continue printing and not worry about alignment, adjustment, or whatever?

OH, and another thing...  Is there anything out there to periodically do an automatic nozzle check?  I looked at Harvey Printhead (or whatever it is), but they want $50 for software to do a nozzle check.  I'm probably being paranoid, but after my experience with the R2880, I'd like some way to do an automatic nozzle check weekly for a while.

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