How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

Bart7D wrote:

Actually I had hoped that the control flash would have ended before the actual shutter opening occurred.


Nearly all the control information is sent to the main flash via a coded flash before the shutter is even open. At least it was with Minolta's protocol. Only the smaller amount of control flash code to turn the main flash on occurs after the shutter opens.  Yes if by having the aperture wide open, the ISO way too high you can make it so the control flash is near the intensity of the main flash thus showing.  But if you are doing that you have abandoned good practice and the aim of the main flash is compromised.

Knowing how expert Sony is at messing things up and that a sony designed flash was used, it's easily possible that Sony got it wrong. But assuming Sony did not mess it up and you had some clue as to how to do flash photography most all the light from the control flash is long gone before the exposure begins and even that is many stops lower than that from the main flash under correctly used conditions.

Remember when you aim that control flash off somewhere else you are messing up the camera's exposure readings too. It's you that's messing up by not understanding the exposure and flash control system and misusing it.

What you need is to learn better how to use wireless flash.  There is a nice intro in how to do it here:

How much of the good stuff was lost when Sony switched to it's (video oriented) new (Not) ISO shoe is unknown.  The problems showing up with the a99 say a lot was lost.

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