Need indformation about NEX-5N

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Re: Need indformation about NEX-5N

Albert Drybrae wrote:

I am interested in buying an NEX-5N.

I want to know what is the sensor size ratio to a full frame 35mm.

I see that the 5N is discontinued, how does it compare to the 5R? I wonder if I should just get a 5R or try to get a 5N on the cheap?

Has anyone used the eye level viewfinder on the 5N or 5R? If so, did it work well?

How about the other accessories such as the flash and the and the ability to attach lens' from Nikon and Canon? Has anyone tried that?

You see, I just need information about these two cameras.

Any advice will be appreiated.


Al - I'd recommend doing a search here as it all has been asked/said before but agree with the last poster - get a used 5N and save the $$ on lenses.  5N with a kit lens can be had lightly used for around $425 now... a great deal on a great combo!

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