Finally Out And About With My RX1

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Re: Finally Out And About With My RX1

I'm still learning how to use the RX1 as well. Amazing potential seems to lurk within this camera, waiting to be released by those who become its master.

Funny you should mention focus. AF is a little trickier in low light so I'm learning to guide the AF spot to an area with some contrast. I've not tried MF in low light, although that's next on the agenda.

In terms of your photo, the RX1 should have had no problem auto-focusing in this light on the distant trees. In all but very low light and with back-lit subjects, I'm finding the RX1's auto-focus relatively quick and very accurate.

This photo is interesting from a compositional point as well. You're essentially balancing two different halves, one with color and light, the other with fine detail. The bands of clouds tie the two halves together. One wonders how ambiguous distance cues on the right (enormous DOF, so everything is sharp) would have worked. Unfortunately those didn't turn out.

At the moment not all of my shots are working out either. But when everything comes together, the results can be spectacular.

teseg wrote:

Thank you viztyger... wish I could say I planned that

Never admit to that

. I'm still learning this camera. Here is another image I originally did not post. I took it at 5 or 6 different apertures. With the smaller apertures the focus peaking lights up a lot of things, and while I had it set on 'mid', I think it needs to be on 'low' in these low light situations, because the tree branches on the penninsula were not tack-sharp focused.

However, after I posted here I looked at an image at f/2.8 I had not looked at previously (figuring if any were out of focus, it would be this one) and the tree branches on the pennisula were tack-sharp in LR4 (BTW, I manual focused everything here). I was very excited... Unfortunately, when I uploaded to DPR, the renderer on this site has made a mess of the branches so they again now look a bit blobby and out of focus. Oh well.

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