new Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 again? But now with weather sealing for sports?

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what monopod?

monopod makes no sense while shooting albatrosses from a boat or running away from a charging sea lion...


earóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

Wyville wrote:

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

Wyville wrote:

Does this mean that Sigma is serious about competing with Canon on the big tele lenses?

I would really like to see Sigma continue their recent efforts. I never cared for third party lenses, but I think times are changing. With the USB dock some interesting new options are open, and the quality seems to be improving.

I would love to see Sigma bring some updates of their tele primes in line with the new 120-300mm. A 300mm f/2.8 prime would amazing, let alone if they would do a 400mm and/or an update of the 500mm f/4.5. For us enthusiasts it would be great to have a bit more affordable alternatives to the very expensive big whites.

I have the 120-300 os AND a 300 f2.8 EX Sigma. As far as I can make out, the IQ is identical at 300mm wide open, though the 300 is a little brighter on manual exposure (less light loss). The bokeh appears identical as well.

What the 300 does not have is IS. It is a pound lighter and shorter and easier to handle as a consequence, but you have to walk a long way back to take a group shot etc. The zoom is invaluable in comparison.

I don't think that these are as sharp as the big Canon's but the question is, are they acceptable?

They are for me.

I could actually afford the big Canons but I'd be getting cannonballs from the artillerly piece who is my wife if I bought 'em!

Thanks for sharing the images.

Zoom is great. I have the 100-400L, which I think is wonderful as a walkaround wildlife lens. The 120-300mm might be a good replacement if I feel I want more flexibility. When combined with a TC, the 120-300 makes a very flexible lens.

I still want a prime to go with it and a 300/2.8 is quite versatile. The new Canon is even amazingly good with a 2x TC. I was thinking about it and seemed to remember an OS version of the Sigma 300mm, but that was a leak (or typo) at Photokina this year. I'm hoping Sigma might actually be working on one because that would mean a solid improvement over the current version (I'm thinking about Sigma's recent 35/1.4). A step up from the 120-300mm simply because it's a prime, priced around $4,000 would make it a great alternative to the much more expensive Canon.

But that's just me dreaming.

You could get the previous Canon 300 is..

A monopod is as good as IS...

The pros I know use monopods and turn off the IS. Maybe that's eccentricity..

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