To back up my D300S?

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Re: To back up my D300S?

iMalangbaba wrote:

lordbeau wrote:

The only camera I enjoy using is the D300s - I prefer it to the D700 I had as it's quicker and the twin cards are a plus. I ditched the D7000 after the focus problems destroyed my confidence in it during a wedding (plus it's been back to Nikon twice for AF issues!). I enoyed the high ISO but the reliability of the D300s and results mean I now just use the D300s. Not really interested in the D600 or D800 because I don't trust the oil spots/left AF/10-pin socket reports.

So to back up my D300s which is unlikely to fail me, I MIGHT get a D3200 as it is dirt-cheap, might be useful for the odd HR image and will be there in case of a prob with the D300s. Anyone think of a better idea? It's a case of just getting a cheap back-up which I bide my time, waiting to see if a D400 happens. What else can we do?

Even though one can get a used D300S for the price of a new D3200, looks like your idea of getting a D3200 is more appealing. Light weight, new technology, and more resolution.


i thought so until i got one for testing and found that at best the d3200 could match the d300

but in all my testing could not get it to out resolve the d300

and the d300 seemed to produce better looking images without pp

if you take into account all the ergonomic disadvantages, well you get the idea

far better to get a used d300 than a d3200

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