Advanced legacy lens user: What to choose Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-6?

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??? You are mistaken

temama wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

I won't claim it is as good as Sony Focus Peaking (ED kind of stretched the truth IMHO), but it really does work. You can set it up multiple ways so that it either works for RAW files or JPEGS.

I recently puchased a D600 and several "D" lenses with aperture rings. I also use those lenses all the time on my Oly with this "Focus Peaking".

Before you doubt it, please check for yourself. There are a few instructional videos on youtube that show how easy it is to use and the also the results. I guess it is OK to say is doesn't work as well (only if you have tried it), or you don't like how it works, but you can't claim it does not exist.

However it's not true focus peaking feature and you can use it only when you shoot RAW files.

I think you missed something.  You can use it to shoot JPEGs as I often do with my Nikon "D" lenses.  That was mentioned above and I think a video shows how easy it is.

You may be right in that it is not true focus peaking because there seems to be more to it.  It appears to work better under poor lighting conditions and when there is little contrast.  It must boost the contrast somehow to work like that.  I only use it for portraits and my dog.  I haven't tried it for sports yet.

Before I get flamed read the bold line above. 

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