What System Meets My Many Needs?

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Re: What System Meets My Many Needs?

Would you consider a rangefinder?  Your photo desires seemed to hint around the idea of one.  It might be worth a rental for a weekend.  If an M9 is out of the budget, other options are a Bessa (cheap but film), a used m8 (1.3x crop which I've found to be a decent compromise), macro is tough with those though.

Another option that's easier on the budget and has more macro options is a NEX.  Use the system zooms for small compact lenses (they're stabilized), add some rangefinder primes (Leica, Russian, or Contax), and a vintage macro for a fairly compact kit that does everything well.  Even my old Nex-3 is pretty streamlined and newer models add the ability to increase that further.  The menus aren't my favorite, but once I got it set up, I only need to use them to format the card.  I was pleasantly surprised by my wife's pseudo macro shots (max of 1:3 or so magnification) at the botanical garden yesterday both because she was using the kit lens and because she'd never tried it before (she isn't an enthusiast by any means but enjoys taking photos).

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