X100s OVF focus area improvement

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Re: X100s OVF focus area improvement

rosvo wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

HankK wrote:

Thanks for the photo of the OVF. It does look exactly the same. You still have to guess a bit about where the actual focus point is on the scene. It still has the two focus outlines and you gave to for where it is between these two points based on subject distance.

Guess I was dreaming when I thought I read that the OVF was improved. I am now thinking that if I get the 27mm pancake for my XE-1, I will just about as well off as adding the X100s. I do not get a somee improvement in focus speed but I will get pocketability.

The pancake lens looks very interesting - will make the camera a lovely low profile street shooter for example

I got the e-x1 as well and I still don't know what will be my choice for street foto: pancake 27mm with e-x1 or x100s...

I suppose the quality of the 23mm X-100s will be better ???

I believe the 23mm on the X100 is optimized for the camera so it should be a little bit better. I would prefer to use the X100s for street photography with its improve AF and high sync flash.

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