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Image Grading App

Fashion Grade

Graphically accelerated, 32bit depth per channel non-linear corrective tonal adjusting mobile photo grading application. Designed for tablets it also works well on most phones.

You can now set film-media tonal simulation, choose a fashion/cine grading, make tonal adjustments (temperature/saturation/exposure), set grain texture (type, film-size, ISO) and make any correction in any order without losing any quality.

Grain Simulation:
- calculated based on the short side of the film-media.
For example to simulate 35mm film, the slider shows 24mm - as this is the width of a 35mm film. In this case the shorter side of your image is assumed to be 24mm. Film-size, ISO and grain-type are adjustable.

Performance Adjustments:
- press (menu) to adjust Proxy Quality and set Live Slider updates.

Images will be saved in your camera-roll.

Film Stock
Colour-Film: 10
BW-Film: 10
Cine: 3

Fashion Grade
Fashion: 35
Cine: 10

Types: 2
ISO: 3600~16
Film-Size: 16mm~35mm

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