Does anybody know why we can't get the Pani GH3 in the States yet?

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Re: Does anybody know why we can't get the Pani GH3 in the States yet?

My only recommendation is to use a smaller store than BH, Adorama, and Amazon.  I preordered the GH3 in late October at Unique Photo (the actual store is near me) and I got it on the first week of December.  I think literally only a handful preordered there (the d800 was much more difficult to get by comparison where there was a long list).  I've even heard they've gotten a few more shipments since then with another person posting they just got theirs this week.

Go to a reputable smaller place where you can put your name on the list and wait.  I think you'll get it much faster than the big names above.  That has been my experience with the Panny 25mm, Panny 20mm, and the GH2.  The smaller places (not just unique photo but other places near me in NJ) have shorter wait lists and the number of units they receive to the big shops must be somewhat comparable.  I actually noticed the same thing with the D800 if memory serves me correctly.  The big stores had long lists and forget about even seeing a demo unit to play with.  Meanwhile a store near me named Bergen County Camera (which doesn't do online sales) had a demo unit about 1 month after release and said they could put me on a wait list and generally customers were waiting about 2 weeks for a unit (didn't buy it because the 24-70mm combined with the d800 was too large for me).

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