How good is the 16-35 (version I) wide open?

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I was in your exact situation

zalle wrote:


I have a 10-22 which I use on my crop camera(s) wide open (F3.5) with lots of confidence. I'm considering a friend's 16-35 MKI so I could use it on the 5DMKII.

How good is it wide open? Can I just use it? Or do I have to be cautious about it not being too sharp at F2.8?


I went from a 10-22 on a 50D to a 16-35 MKI on a 5D

I might disappoint you, but wide open at 2.8 this lens is soft in the corners. Actually quite soft but sharp in the center, this is not a big deal for me but if you want absolute corner to corner sharpness at 2.8 it will not deliver. This being said I am not sure the MKII version will be completely sharp either at 2.8. It will be better but fast wide angle zooms are not known for their sharpness wide open. If it is what you are after look at the 24 1.4 L it will be sharp at 2.8.

But, as soon as you you stop it down the MKI it is very sharp. The other advantage of the 2.8, besides wider aperture is the color and contrast which on a FF are wonderful.

All in all the MKI is very good on a FF camera, I like mine very much.

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