The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder

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Re: The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder/But the X-E2 Does!!!

PHOTOJOE55 wrote:

Obviously, it should have read X20, the camera designations are getting a bit hard to keep up with, the G1X, GX1, two different companies. The point was that the Optical/Eye level viewfinders do seem to be finding their way back. I find it hard to hold a camera at arms length, rather than looking right into the finder. I guess we're lucky that they didn't replace the rifle scopes with LCD panels. Yes I know the one that shoots around a corner needs an electronic finder.


I hate getting sucked into threads like this because they tend to be unproductive, but I can't help it.  Resistance... is... futile.

Are you actually saying that the X-E1 should have had an OVF?  This is so odd because it is not as if Fuji pretended there was one.  Indeed, they offer the X-Pro1 for those who want the OVF.

Or, are you saying you WISH the X-E1 would have an OVF?  If that is the case, I am trying to figure out why you got the X-E1 in the first place.  It is not that much smaller than the X-Pro, so I cannot believe it was the size that attracted you. Additionally, now that you get the 1/2 priced lens with the purchase of the Pro, the price is largely the same.  Having extensively used and reviewed both camera bodies (and I now own one), I can tell you that the difference between the two is really only about the OVF.

I guess I am baffled because this whole thread reads like "I wish the BMW 3 series I just bought was the convertible version."  You had the choice, did you not?

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