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paulj623 wrote:

Hi all. A quick question again about my impending upgrade from 7d to 5d3. My friend was showing me a couple of his pics from the 5d3 as well as let me shoot with it. In low light it is awesome. Question is this. Lets say the 7d replacement comes out and it is a lot better in low light than what it iis what and that argument is not as good now as it use to be what are some of the other benefits of the 5d3 if the 7d were to get a lot better in low light?


provided that the new 7D2's high ISO performance would be the same than the 5D3's (which is not impossible but not likely), there are some areas in which FF would be better:

- narrower DOF/better DOF control, that is often desirable for 'nice' photographies

- better image quality? There are many that claim that FF grants better IQ than crop, but then again there are many that claim that there are no differences in this regard. I suggest you start a thread for the same topic in the 7D/XXD forum.

- wide EF lenses are wider on FF

As downsides:

- EF-S lenses can't be used with FF cams

- teles have 'more reach' on a crop body

- for certain types of photography (macro for instance) having a wider DOF can come in handy.

- for some lenses, vignetting can be more visible on a FF cam than on a crop (which can be an advantage, too)

There are other questions to take into account, but these are the first that came to my mind. HIH.


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