24-70 hanging from D800 in bag - ok?

Started Jan 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
SanMat Senior Member • Posts: 2,859
Re: 24-70 hanging from D800 in bag - ok?

Generally speaking I think that is ok, as others have said.  I do worry though about both the lens mount getting stressed and protecting the front element.  In my smaller carry bags (that I use when actually shooting) and I just have one camera/one lens, the lens faces down and since the bags have padding on bottom, no issue.  One of my smaller carry bags is slightly bigger than the other, so to keep the camera from bouncing around much I roll up a small towel and stuff it in the bottom of the bag so the camera fits tightly, but not too tight.

In my larger carry bag (the size of large backpack) - when I store with the lens attached (this is mainly for travel), I roll up a small towel or t-shirt and stuff it under the lens so that the lens points out straight from the camera (it sits up a bit since I usually have the battery grip attached (I use D700, D300s)).  This keeps the cameral/lens level and takes the stress off the lens mount.


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