Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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My typical carry about FF kit consists of the D800, 14-24, Sigma 34mm F1.4 and the 105mm VR macro. It weighs in at just over 3kg, regarding image quality, the D800 easily outperforms every lens camera, the lenses give better DOF control with no equivalents in mFT lenses . You would need a 7-14 F1.4 , 17mm f.07 ,and 50mm macro at F1.4. Now this humongous , cumbrous,ponderous load hits the scales at 3.2 kg now to put this in perspective the average kids school bag weighs in at 6.6kg with 80% regularily carrying over 20% of their body weight . I am 6ft 4 and weigh in at just over 14st , so I probably weigh more than double what a school kid does , so I would need to be carrying a 13kg+ load constantly just to put the same strain as as a school kid. To match the 20% of bodyweight ( which is clearly not good for a kid ) my load would have to be at least 18kg.

For those of us who use DSLR gear as well as mFT , maybe we need a new phrase to describe the mFT " it's too heavy!!!" brigade.

Let's go positive " are you so strong you have moved from P&S to mFT in the search for image quality "

Or maybe negative "are you too weak for a real camera but want better quality than a P&S and will settle for mFT"


Do much backpacking Jim? You know, where we're actually trying to shed a gram here or there let alone a pound? Why do they make CF tripods when aluminum is "almost" as light?

i am an avid hill walker and walk thousands of miles a year.There is also the a difference with tripods  in that there is no loss in quality by changing material.

Just for grins; an equivilant OM-D setup: OM-D 13oz, 7-14 f4 10oz, 17 2.8 2.5oz and a 60 2.8 macro 6.5oz. For a grand total of 32oz or .9Kg. So we have 3.2Kg vs. .9Kg or 6.7lbs vs 2lbs.

the kit isn't equivalent , the EM5 doesn't match the image quality of the D800 in anyway , the 7-14 gives the same DOF and puts the same total light on the sensor as a FF would atF8 , F5.6 for the 60mm, and F3.6 for the 17mm , perhaps you didn't get the equivalence memo either

Is the ultimate image quality as good? Probably not however its good enough for most people and you know what... most of us knew that going in! Believe it or not, it's really not a surprise.

Its not probably not ,its absolutely not, if you go down the good enough load then the likes of the Sony RX100 is more than good enough for most people . The problem is that because they think camera x is good enough they assume everyone should.

I'm glad that you can carry lots of weight. I'm glad that you actually want to carry lots of weight. However please don't criticize those that don't Some of us are getting up in age (me), some have kids (me again), some of us actually have disabled kids who require help (what do ya know, me yet again!).

The thing is 3kg is not a lot of weight by any stretch of the imagination, unless you are a very unfit, disabled or otherwise impaired. I presume you are not suggesting that every single mFT owner has the same needs and demands as you do.There is always an argument for small systems in fact for some who only shoot in daylight or with flash their needs may well be easily met with something like the RX100 at 240g

Go spend a week hiking in the mountains. Spend a few days with young (or disabled) kids doing Disneyland and have yourself a blast with your D800.

I hike in the mountains very regularly, I was a trained nurse and have been on holiday with very seriously disabled people on a number of occasions. incliding trips to Euro disney and I fully appreciate the logistics .Really once your camera kit gets bulky enough tha t it needs a camera bag popped over your shoulder , a couple of kilos is not going to make a significant difference.

While I fully understand your points you have plenty perfectly fit grown men with none of your challenges whining about a few kilos. No one is suggesting that FF is not rather obviously heavier than mFT, we are pointing out how ridiculous the arguments are getting as to what determines "heavy". As an aside while I use theFF kit often , I use my mFT far more often , I use what suits the purpose which I have in hand, for example I find that my GH3 is a far better tool for video than the DSLR , both for video output and especially for ergonomics .


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