Changing the rules

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Re: Changing the rules

Slynky wrote:

El Crapio wrote:

Btw... does this look like a composite? Or heavily post processed? Seems like the boys were masked and the background motion blurred.

I would say, no. If it is, it's good. The shadows/sun direction seem true and the edges look clean. Nice that the full-size image is there to check it against. It looks like the photographer focused on the boys--pretty much the rest is in de-focus in the background. The only thing that might suggest it is the boy in the red trunks--his extended arm and leg look like their edges are a bit funny but that could just be sharpening halo.

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Yep, those halos seemed odd to me (could be from oversharpening like you said), and the glow on the left kid's foot.

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