RX1 adventures with a wide angle converter lens

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Re: RX1 adventures with a wide angle converter lens

Thanks so much for doing this comparison, your work is appreciated.

As you know from the other thread, I'd also value a wide conversion lens for the RX1. The only thing is, the RX1's lens is beautifully sharp and I'd hate for a conversion lens to impact that quality in any significant way.

From what I see in your comparison, image quality with the converter is very poor in the extreme corners of the frame. In some circumstances, for example without critical detail in those portions of the scene, that may not be such an issue. But what really concerns me is that areas contained in the 35mm shot (with no converter) are also affected adversely by adding the Cokin. For my own particular taste, the conversion lens degrades the optical performance of the RX1's lens more than I'm willing to accept.

Maybe it's time to try stitching multiple images

By the way, nice B&W shot of the water fountains with the park and cityscape behind it.

cityathrt wrote:

I'd previously posted these pictures in the "Who's pimped out your RX1", but thought starting a thread of its own may be more relevant. Also looking do to some more shooting this weekend, so will update the thread accordingly.

Due to the fact that I have a group of very outdoorsy friends that often go on hikes, I like a wide angle for the occasional breathtaking scenery capture. While the RX1 fulfills most of my photographic desires, this is one area that it unfortunately doesn't fulfill.

So I had several tabs open on Amazon for the longest time, and finally just went into B&H to take a look. I went home with a 0.5x Cokin option that translates to 17mm (wider than anything I've ever shot before!). Please find comparison pictures below. Regular 35 followed by converter lens. EXIF data stripped but can be found on my Flickr.

While there is barrel distortion and some fringing, the image quality otherwise doesn't seem terrible. Leaning more towards keeping this one than not..

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