Shooting sports with D600 in raw - focus speed

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Pradipta Dutta
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Re: You are mixing up between focusing speed and image writing speed

Fred Briggs wrote:

I think you are being overly dogmatic about this point given that you seem to be only considering the simplistic situation of taking a single photograph.

No. I am considering how AF works in all situations.

As the OP is specifically talking about bursts of photos for sports coverage, then it is highly likely that focusing and card writing are going on simultaneously.

Regardless of when it is a single shot or a burst of shots, focusing is still focusing. You appear to be mixing it as well. When you are referring to is overall delay, which I agree with. But you got to realize that focusing works just like single shot. Just get it, image format has No IMPACT on focusing speed.

I would therefore think that there must be at least a theoretical possibility that the processing power used for image processing could be negatively impacting on the processing power needed for focus and exposure calculations.

No, there is no theoretical possibility either.

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