What System Meets My Many Needs?

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Re: What System Meets My Many Needs?

Well, one thing is that you pretty much named every kind of photography there is, so there is no single system that is perfect for any of them.  What you are is someone who needs a camera that's good at most things, and you can select your lenses based on each of the styles you want to shoot.

You're already a Nikon user, so changing brands, though totally do-able at this point in the game, is not something I recommend.

Once you said you want video AND full frame, you pretty much knocked a whole lot of very excellent and affordable cameras out of the running, and shortened the list to only a few, and out of those only one that I would call "affordable", or more accurately, a-not-completely-wasteful purchase for someone who isn't already very serious, which would be the new D600.

That said, you might want to tell us what you plan to do with full frame that you cannot achieve with cropped sensor.  I'm betting that the feedback you get from THOSE answers will convince you to stick with DX (cropped sensor).

DX cameras have come so far it's not even funny.  In fact, they've are so good now I regret having sold off my D40 and D90 and buying a D700.  I coulda-woulda-shoulda bought the D7000 had I waited a little bit longer for it to be released.  But NOOOOO...  I HAD to have full frame....  Now I'm stuck having to buy far more expensive full frame lenses, and believe me, they are more expensive, and I wouldn't get much if I sold my D700 now that the D600 and D800 are out.

New Dx's have outstanding high ISO performance, are compact (as compact as a DSLR can be, that it), shoot hi-def video with stereo sound, can pforduce GORGEOUS 24" x 36" prints with ease (bigger even, but who does that?), work with far less expensive lenses (giving you a much wider range of choices AND opening more photographic style doors for you), are easier to learn to use (simpler controls), can be used in full Auto or Program, all the way to full Manual...  I could go on and on, but with the wide variety of things you like to shoot, a wider variety of lenses is not only what you need, but something that will stay with you even after you go on to yet another camera body.

Look, I was like you.  I thought I had to have this and had to have that.  I was in a position to be able to afford it.  So I did it.....  Afford it or not, I don't like to throw money away, and I like even less the idea that I've not made the best decision.  If I could start over, I would go DX and stay that way until I reached a limit with the DX that only an FX (full frame) could achieve...  And that's highly unlikely.

So I think the people on this forum could better serve you by discussing why you think you need full frame.   What is your rationale?

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