Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

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Re: Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

It has been  awhile since I set up my 3880, but as I remember it, you run  the disc which installs the printer drivers, utilities, etc.,etc..  Once the printer has cartridges installed I think it goes through a drawn out lne charging routine.  My memory is that THEN there is a test print to be printed which basically confirms all the cartridges, lines, printheads, etc. are running fine and your computer has connected to the 3880.

That was IT!  I printed out a real picture...was blown away by the printer...and have been ever since.

I have lived with old epson 3000's for a decade.  Every printing session starts with a nozzle check and alignment...and sometimes another cleaning routine in the middle of a printing run.  PIA.  Since installation 18 months ago with the 3880 I have YET to run a nozzle check OR alignment.  I have had my own self-inflicted issues with a leaking refillable cartridge...which I probably damaged myself, but that issue aside, the 3880 has been the most trouble free printer I have ever owned.

I look at each print critically, and before committing to a very large print or panorama I'll do some smaller stuff first, but my philosophy on the 3880 so far is "if it isn't broke....don't fix it".  And my volume is low so the printer sits for weeks or even a month or more between printings.

Others, based on past experience with other printers, habit, or general carefullness or compulsiveness may run through a nozzle-check/alignment routine but this is a heck of a self-adjusting, self maintaining, trouble-free far.

Just another perspective.

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