Image Resizing - 72 ppi to 300 with a batch of files?

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To answer your original question...

Assuming that you want to resize a batch of files at once, use ImageMagick. It is freeware.

On my machine (Linux), typing at the command line:

for f in `ls *jpg`;do convert -resize 800X600 $f 2-$f;done

makes an 800x600 copy of every file in the current directory that ends in jpg. The name of each copy is the name of the original file prefaced by 2-.

If I type further

mkdir SMALL;mv 2-* SMALL

then I've created a subdirectory named SMALL, and moved all of the 800x600 copies there.

I do this sort of thing all the time, for example, to resize photos for an online gallery.

There is an ImageMagick binary available for Windows. The commands will be slightly different on Windows.

You can do an amazing amount of photo operations with ImageMagick on the command line, not just resize photos. I'm not going to say that ImageMagick does as much as PhotoShop, because somebody will chime in and point out something you can't do with ImageMagick, but it's along those lines.

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