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Re: FF vs DX

sjprintz wrote:

Wrong information:

DX has more reach - the D800 switches to DX mode at the push of a button which essentially crops the photo before saving it to your card. With the D800 you still get a 15 mp image.

This is also only partially correct. The DX crop in the viewfinder is not very comfortable to work with, and this also affects your ability to focus correctly. Your high ISO advantage is also partially sacrificed in the process, you basically convert your D800 into D7000, and your noise levels when "viewed at the same size" (to reuse the popular mantra) are now essentially the D7000 noise levels. And you still don't have a high speed sports/action camera in the end, if this was the intent. So, yes, D800 can probably do it all, but only just.

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