What's a good bitrate for converting/compressing my videos from my camera?

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Re: What's a good bitrate for converting/compressing my videos from my camera?

IceShot wrote:

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IceShot wrote:

I have a Canon Elph 110 and the videos come out with a bitrate of around 33400kbps, which converts to 33mbps which is a lot. The file sizes are big.

Can I drop that bitrate without a lot of drop in quality?

You can always reduce the bitrate in the camera next time you record, but I wouldn't alter a thing once a movie has been recorded.

because the movie is already compressed, any further encoding of the file will result in a loss of quality. At some point, the current display tech will become obsolete and you will regret that you couldn't save your videos in a higher bit rate. Just burn your movies onto a BR disc, or a large HDD and leave them be.

No, I can't reduce the bitrate in the camera. I can convert with handbrake though.

I won't be upgrading to 4k or higher resolution for the very reason that 99% of content will look like crap on it so it's pointless.

That is exactly what I mean.

Whatever you record now, is going to look like crap in less than 10 years. Imagine how it would be in 20 years. So it's not so much about 4k, it's the 2-3 generations AFTER 4k.  A lot of people are now going through this quality limitation because they were quick to convert their home movies to DVD. back in 2002 it looked good. Now it looks mediocre at best.

An alternative would be to use a larger capacity card, and transfer the video to an HDD or high-capacity disc. From there, you can make a low-bitrate copy of your video.

For my encoding purposes, I use a resolution of 720p and whatever native frame rate was recorded. the bitrate I keep at 2500k so it will fit on a DVD-R in case a family member wants to watch it on their computer. I use Avidemux, but any other editor will do. But this is strictly as a quickly viewable movie, not for archiving.

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