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Re: FF vs DX

Daniel Lauring wrote:

One other thing, in low light, sometimes, when you need more DOF, the FX's better ISO performance is nullified by the fact that it needs to be stopped down more and therefore you need to boost the ISO. For example, in group shots and candids, where people are in different planes, the DX's greater DOF means it might be playing at ISO 1600 while the FX camera is at ISO 5000.

This is an excellent point, and it is indeed very easy to trip over the narrow DOF at fast apertures shooting action in close quarters in the dark so to speak, particularly the requirement to nail the focus becomes much more stringent. It is always a dance around ISO, aperture and shutter speed with this type of shooting, trying to figure out what you can still get away with, and often not getting as many keepers as one would like. With this in mind, FX still gives you greater flexibility in terms of variables you can play with.

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