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Re: Panasonic 45-175mm X or 45-200mm - used both kept 45-175

phototransformations wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:

phototransformations wrote:

This may be your opinion, but it is not correct. The X lenses have a well-documented problem with the shutters on the G, GF, and GX cameras in the 1/80-1/200 shutter speed range. I shoot with both the 45-200 and 45-175 and have no problems in these shutter speed ranges with the 45-200 at 200mm but about 1/3 of the shots show an edge-doubling blur at 175mm on the 45-175 that they do not show at slower or higher shutter speeds. It's not technique when it's this specific a range of shutter speeds. Even dpreview saw it on the 14-42 in their review of the lens. Is your technique "better" than their testers? Doubtful. You have a GH2, where the problem seldom surfaces because the shutter has a different vibration signature than the other Panasonic cameras.

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There have been many complaints about these lenses but IMO people forget that they are shooting handheld with a 300-400mm (35mm eqv) lenses and their technique is simply not good enough.

I remember using slide film...

Will the vibration issue from the shutter be an issue if OIS is off and the camera is mounted on to a tripod? I'm worried that this may cause my long exposures to come out blurry.

If you have a camera/lens combination where the edge doubling blur is an issue, the issue is between about 1/80-1/250 shutter speeds. Slower or faster speeds are not a problem. It happens whether you have OIS turned on or not. I have not tested the lens on a tripod, but others have, and it happens with the lens on a tripod, too, as having the camera on a tripod does nothing to damp the shutter. If you use faster or slower shutter speeds, there is no visible problem. Longer exposures on a tripod should be fine because the "vibrated" part of the exposure is a small part of the total exposure.

How do I know if my camera/lens combination have the edge doubling blur issue or not? It's the first time I've heard of it and I don't think I have read any reviews that mentioned this issue affecting the Panasonic X 45-175mm lens. I'm somewhat scared of buying that lens if this issue can affect my photography.

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