why canon frequently changes electronic cable release pins?...HELP

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Re: why canon frequently changes electronic cable release pins?...HELP

JulesJ wrote:

sheikh kabir wrote:

Why Canon frequently changes electronic cable release pins (male jack that goes into body). I have 50D, it uses 1 point pin. Then I upgraded to 60D it uses 3 pin point plug. My concern is... it is not a sensors where upgrading (more mega pixel) is required. Also it is not a lens so u need different for APS-C or for Full Frame, same as hot shoe flashes where upgrade makes helpful. but just a cable release where photographer need to press shutter not by release button but with a cable release to avoid camera shake and have flexible Time Exposer. So why canon frequently changes electronic cable release pins and make customers worried about before new models come and think" Do my current one will work, or i have to buy another one to fit that one." in a ten years span some photographer can have 5 cameras ( by upgrading new model) but it is very funny to have five different cable release with different pins and spent 5 times more money to release just a shutter where I find useless idea.What if they use same pin for all XD XXD, XXXD digit cameras? Why canon frequently changes electronic cable release pins. By the way many professional uses two camera bodies (Main and backup.. and I have seen they always are not identical or twins. back up are many times inferior to main ones(depends of photographers budget) so putting two or more different cable release into camera bag need a double space. Are they fool or want to get out of money from consumers wallet every time they release a new camera even whether it is xD series or xxD?

Sheikh Kabir

It is annoying. But then do you own an Apple device, they are always doing this, the new mini iPads have different sockets to the last iPads, so you cant use your card readers. Similarly you can use the latest Touch's and iPods of the old speaker players, well you can, but they don't charge because they changed the pin arrangement. It's really anti customer and dumb, just to try and increase sales.


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