Shallow DOF ain't easy

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Re: Shallow DOF ain't easy

Actually ETTR or ETTL are both wrong in this context. ETTR doesn't really work with images with a lot of contrast, very bright lights and lots of dark areas, because you'll never get a nice and right aligned curve. It also wasn't ETTL because i actually didn't care for the exposure of/ detail in the dark parts.

I should have simply said that i checked blinkies and the histogram to expose as bright as possible while still preserving the highlights.

greg57 wrote:

Great pictures! Love them!

However, you mention ettr but your unprocessed raw seems quite dark an you mention the use of this technique in order to avoid highlight clipping?. Are you sure you didn't mean ettl (exposure to the left)?

All the best!

acahaya wrote:

Vlad S wrote:

What a cool set-up! #2 and 4 are my favorites. And thank you so much for posting the "before" image!


Thank you

I usually do not post before images when i'm shooting for postprocessing but thought it would be interesting to show the original exposure.

The light setup is easy and you do not need a studio, all you need are two neon tubes and a model wearing glasses for the reflections, i.e. this can be done at home. Exposure should be ETTR, it is always easier to darken the BG than to recover highlights.

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Gregory Dziedzic

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