FF vs DX

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FF vs DX

Having been a longtime DX shooter who just switched to FX (D800), I can say these are the differences:

FX Advantages:

Better in low light

Larger sensor, allows larger prints

Better dynamic range

Better lens selection (especially at the pro end)

FX Lenses seem to hold value better (just my observation)

Better viewfinders

DX Advantages:

Lighter cameras and lenses

Lenses are less expensive

Wrong information:

DX has more reach - the D800 switches to DX mode at the push of a button which essentially crops the photo before saving it to your card.  With the D800 you still get a 15 mp image.

Wider angle of view for FX.  True but if you buy DX lenses, you will get the same wide angle view (such as the 10-24mm DX gives you an effective 15-36mm FOV). The difference is if you use the SAME lens on the FX and DX, then the FX gets the wider view.

Which to choose?  That's up to the buyer based on needs, budget and interest level.  My only strong suggestion is to be careful with DX because it seems that long-term, NIkon may be supporting it only on the entry level.  You will see this marketing strategy manifested in the quality and variety of FX v. DX lenses.


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