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Sulis2 wrote:

I'm not sure quite what you'd want redesigned about the body - I'd rather all Fuji's additional investment was in better technology (AF, processor, phase detect) and correction of obvious issues (re-order MF/CF/SF switch, move AF select button, make A speed more separate, add Q menu, etc.).

About the only change I'd make would be to add a detent to the exposure compensation dial - they made it stiffer, but it would still be nice to know by feel when I'm back to zero.

Oh, and recess the strap attachment rings.

Well, you just proposed a series of improvements - meaning you too, find things worth redesigning with the X100's body.

At the very least, I was expecting Fuji to learn from their mistakes and give us a more X-pro 1 feel.

Examples :

1 - Yes, the AF mode switch has been labelled in a less idiotic way, but it still is a fully straight switch which is problematic (you can't know what mode you're in unless you either move it to one end to give you a reference and move it back where you want it to be, or look at it - but it's on the front). At the very least, I was expecting something like on the X-pro 1, although that still is far from perfect (all controls at the front of a camera, left of the mount, most of the time, are badly placed anyway, regardless of the type of camera - just look at the D4's AF button, barely usable in vertical format - or Canon's previous incarnation of the DOF button).

2- Still a long row of buttons to the left of the screen. That means you have to constantly reposition you hands to change settings, and you can't do it at all when looking through the viewfinder. At least the AF button has been moved, but it's an half-assed move. The Canon 6D is a example to follow here.

3 - By nature, all controls on the top left of a camera should be operated without loosing our grip. The X-pro 1 sunken and locked shutter dial was utterly, utterly, utterly stupid. It isn't exactly impossible to operate it with one finger when it's not on the A position, but it's far from easy either. On the X100/X100s, Fuji seem unable to choose if they want the shutter dial to be operated with your thumb or your index finger, meaning it's not as easily accessible by either one of those fingers as it could have been. Leica M is your example here (easy to use with the index finger).

4 - The top FN button is too small, I wished they made it as big as the one on the X-pro 1.

5 - the exposure dial has never been a complete breeze to operate on any Fuji so far, but I wished there were improvements here as well. And as you said, I'd happily welcome some sort of detent to know by feel the 0 position. I wonder if a slight change of position of Fuji's Ex comp dials could bring improvements.

6 - If I'm not mistaken, it still has the jog switch of the X100. What's wrong with the X-pro 1 dial ?

7 - If nothing has changed, the AFL/AEL button will be mushy, not very positive, but at least it's better than on the X-pro 1 where you have to loose your grip to activate it (and sometimes activate the Q button on the way).

8 - the back controller should have been changed. Raising the center OK button isn't enough. It feels cheap, it's got no feel at all, all in all I don't know why they didn't go for an X-pro 1 like pad.

9 - the Q button is badly placed at the bottom right.

10 - Why don't we get a better grip, like on the X-pro 1 / X-E1 ?

11 - I think a MF ring with DOF scale like on the Olympus 12mm or Fuji's own 14mm lens would have been nice, even at the cost of making the lens a little bigger.

These are just example, the list could go on (custom modes, etc.)

Fuji seems to have been pretty conservative on this update in terms of body improvements - probably to keep cost down. I do agree that the technical side of the camera was the one needing the most improvements, but it's not like the body is stellar either.

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