A few questions for owners of the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8g lens

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It shifts

I just came back from a 2 weeks trip using this lens. I rented the lens, but I loved it so much that I'll be buying it. That said, the lens does shift. The focus shift is not matter of QA its an optical design issue so various copies will all display it. Firstly my copy and others comments i read shows the lens to front-focus at 1.8.

if you calibrate it at 1.8 the lens back focuses by f/4 or 5.6. However for most cases at 5.6 the DOF is such enough that you will not notice focus shift, unless you're very close. Probably why most people don't see it. You could caliberate it for f/4 but at 1.8  it won't be useful then.  That said, the lens is very sharp which is why it needs calibration to maximize its optical quality.

the lens also feels very cheap and light. But I enjoyed it tremendously and produced some amazing candid street images. it's a bargain given the result.

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