UEFI, does it offer an advantage for a Win 8 PC?

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Re: Administrator privileges

"The secure boot feature pulls the rug out from under this rootkit and everything like it. Those key boot files that the rootkit tampers with are digitally signed. With Secure Boot enabled, any modification to those files is detected at startup by the UEFI code-signing check, and the system stops in its tracks. Rootkit foiled, user protected, recovery possible".

But just thinking about this more, I wonder to myself if maybe just not running as Administrator, with Administrator privileges, would be the simpler solution. If you're not running as Administrator, you can't be altering those "key boot files".

But sometimes you want to install some "shareware" software. Like, say "Irfanview".

Irfanview, I trust. Other stuff, I don't trust at all. But then there's a gray area. And maybe some of the stuff I trust, to install, I shouldn't trust.

Maybe UEFI can help in those situations. Just guessing.

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