Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

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Greg Beetham
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Re: Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

Rexel99 wrote:

On occasion my 58AM overheated and I found the batteries were getting warm, so the next few times I swapped them with cooler ones as I worked.

I got myself a battery pack to help with this and eventually got myself the 60M. A really nice flash however... This too is overheating with or without the battery pack connected.

The situation was a stage event, a beauty pageant where it was fairly dark and a large stage area to light. Sure I was using TTL (set to spot metering) and the flash was probably pushing harder than it needed to but I barely got 100 shots over 15 minutes before it stopped.

I did some tests,
Shots at 5 second intervals at full power on the 60M, after 25 shots it stopped and overheated.
Not good enough. The batteries where still cool, I could feel some warmth on the flash head but not hot to touch at all and it took a good 10 mins to start working again.

Then after it cooled at 1/8th power after 40 shots it stopped again

During the event (above) other brand cameras were flashing away with similarly designed canon/nikon units, no problem... So why is the Sony not performing as well?

This was a 2-3 hour show with barely time for breaks or to change/swap equipment, in a wedding or other times I would perhaps have time to get through the problem, but at an event like this I don't.

So I have not found any solutions or hacks.. I have tried different rated batteries. Perhaps the big battery pack or high power batteries (2850 NiMh) is causing some extra heating during the quicker recharge than others (eneron?)...

My only option now is to regularly swap flash heads, since I have two i could do this (and live with the 50AM's consistency issues) but I am pretty upset that $450 of flash unit is letting down a $2000 A77 camera.

This is probably what you should be using if you are semi professional and serious about your photography http://www.metz.de/en/flash-units/product-ranges/sca-flash-units/mecablitz-76-mz-5-digital/data-sheet/overview-of-technical-data.html

270 full power consecutive flashes with the external Metz power pack, although I have doubts you would need to singe eyebrows and blister paint to that extent, a GN76 hammer head flash at full power is some hefty blast, you could shoot at ISO 800 @ f4 all night with that baby.


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