HS50 vs X-S1

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Re: HS50 vs X-S1

Ralph McKenzie wrote:

I think what it comes down to is that Fuji had a very good concept with the XS1 but there are a number of issues which tended to overshadow its potential.

  • Lens droop.
  • Soft lens at full tele.
  • Orbs
  • Very expensive (compared to good entry level DSLR) and way too expensive for most superzoomers wanting to step up a level.
  • Fuji 's very poor QC and refusal to openly state there were issues with the camera.
  • Rather sporadic customer service depending upon country and dealers.

Like most of Fuji's camera it takes a while to truly get the best from them. I'd say that I'm about there now with my HS20 and that's taken two years of constant use.

As some of our members here have demonstrated, used well and to its potential the XS1 can be used to great effect.

The arrival of the HS50 could well be one of Fuji's smartest moves to date. The HS50 is almost (within millimeters) of being the same size as the XS1 and not too far shy of the weight of the XS1. This gives consumers a camera of similar heft and style of the larger XS1 but retains the HS series heritage, but in a bigger form factor. We know the 1/2 sensor is a good if not stellar performer, and the retention of the 58mm diameter lens helps keep weight down while supplying extra zoom. Thats good because it means that HS series owners can retain all their current filters and clipons. The addition of phase detection AF is an excellent improvement and if it lives up to the claims will put this camera in a class of its own. For some this may be enough to sway them too the new cam or maybe the 920k dot finder is going to be a big turn off. The XS1 may morph into an XS2, but I'm willing to bet that wont be for at least 6 months to a year away. Fuji will want to gauge response to the HS50 before they commit to a bigger version of it.

The price is going to be a big factor in the uptake of the HS50, especially with those that spent a small fortune on an XS1 only to be a little let down by the performance.

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Thanks for the informative reply, though I don't necessarily agree on the softness at telephoto, mine seems sharp (within bridgecams) at full telephoto, but maybe product variation is an issue, so QC was not what it should be. And as mentioned I have no droop, or orbs etc. but then I made sure I got a good one. I was even impressed with the XS1 vs my D300S, see this thread http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50285534

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