Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

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Re: Raising the Sony Flash overheating issue again

Rexel99 wrote:

It does seem though that it is consistent, even if it is a bit over sensitive, there is no over-ride or simple workaround so dealing with it seems to be the only real option. Rebooting or opening the battery door can reset it temporarily, swapping batteries as they get warm and contribute to the problem can help but if you have them, rotating full units (and having an ice-block back in the camera back) might be the only workable option.

The problem with workarounds is that you are then asking to potentially expose elements of the flash outside of their safe design envelopes.. which if it caused say the case to distort, or something to fail permaturely, I'm sure customers would be screaming blue murder.

If you are in the kind of situations where you are using a GN58 flash flat out for extended periods, you really need to look at a 'proper' solution..

I started off using a few Yungnuo flashes for my home studio stuff, but they weren't reliable and got so hot sometimes I wondered how they hadn't melted.. they killed many rechargeable batteries which don't seem to like being 60+ Degrees C for long periods of time..

So I switched to low end Studio Strobes, which are designed for the Job, and it's been a massive improvement.. uber reliable, much more output and you can't outpace them no matter how demanding you are... and secondhand I haven't paid much over £100 each, which is very cost effective..

There are many portable strobes you could look at, which wouldnt' require any special battery swapping or having to have mutliple units.. but you may struggle with getting TTL, although TTL is not something normally used in the vast majority of controlled lighting situations..

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