What's a good bitrate for converting/compressing my videos from my camera?

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Re: Life is full of tradeoffs

John1940 wrote:

You may also start to hate your camera because, like my G15, it can only do 24 fps at 1080p. Or, both can do 30 fps at 720p. Maybe you need a Rebel 600D like I have. But, unfortunately, it fills up SD cards even faster. I like both cameras for different reasons.

The only good solution is to use 720p with the G15 in my case, which is what I do. I also prefer 30 fps. There's no point in trying to do further compression. Some camcorders allow easy use of 1080i but few cameras do (or they only use 1080i). The reason 1080i is used in direct TV broadcasting is that the channels are only 6 MHz, and 1080p does not fit. And, 1080i is better than 720p in most cases.

BTW, you have a sticky shift key. Please call the help line.


I can't afford to buy a Rebel just for video.. my 50D is already good for pictures.

24p is okay. Like I said I interpolate anything I watch.

I'm going to use handbrake to reduce the bitrate. Just curious which bitrate.

sticky shift key??

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