The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder

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Re: The X-E1 could have had an optical viewfinder

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Can you comment on the X-S1? Any Pro's/Con's that you feel strongly about? I thought maybe the price might come down now with the HS50EXR coming out. For some reason the X-S1 price has been the same $699.00 since it came out and they aren't really selling too good either. I'm thinking of replacing the aging HS30EXR for the X-S1. I hope I have my designations and dashes correct. I'm not trying to replace a DSLR, I have D700's and a D300 but I wanted the rugged feel of the Super-Zoom when it's bound to get knocked around like when shooting a BasketBall game.

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... Joe

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