Hopeful X100s Improvement

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Re: Hopeful X100s Improvement

rattymouse wrote:

John Carson wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

I'm hoping that the awful lens flare of the X100 is gone with the new camera. I dont know if this is a realistic hope as the lens is the same.

According to Imaging Resource:

"While the original X100's lens had a lot going for it, it came up decidedly short in the area of flare. Put a bright object against a darker background, especially in the corners when shooting wide open, and you'd get some truly horrific lens flare. We commented at the time that it was some of the worst we'd seen. We were far from the only ones voicing this criticism, and Fujifilm apparently took it to heart, as one of the improvements they called attention to in their presentation was a new lens-coating technology, which they call HT-EBC; High Transmittance Electronic Beam Coating. The proof will be in the shooting, but we're hopeful that they've managed to address a critical flaw in an otherwise ground-breaking camera."


Thanks John,

I am not encouraged by this theory as my XF1 has the same "HT-EBC" and it flares quite a lot.

We'll see. Maybe this actually means something on the X100s.

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Quite right, Rattymouse. The proof will be in the pudding. We'll have to wait and see.

Still, it's quite encouraging to see just how keenly Fuji listened to our criticisms and those of reviewers. The X100S seems to be a genuinely solid attempt to address all our concerns, and that is quite encouraging.

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