A99 Soft Video Note~

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Re: A99 Soft Video Note~

Baron LaCat wrote:

So to get the A99 to record video in anything other than a fully open lens, you have to switch to Manual Focus to achieve, for example, an F8 video recording.

Manual Focus suxs, especially if you want to record kids playing on a soccer field, or aircraft landing at an airport, or virtually anything else that is not static. What fun, having to adjust the focus all the time, while you try to record video !!!

Believe me if you want good footage you should be shooting manual. If you want to film your kids running around go for a deeper depth of field at least until you have really got the hang of it.You don't need autofocus- good though it is on the a99. What's more you have focus peaking to help you..it's not hard and once you can do it your videos will improve a lot.

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