This is why I upgraded to the 5DIII . . .

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Re: Perhaps you need to go back and read my OP again . . .

Donald Duck wrote:

chironNYC wrote:

lawdog wrote:

I never said that this picture could not have been taken with anything other than the 5DIII, and I certainly didn't say I was going to submit it for a Pulitzer. My point, then and now, was that I upgraded to the 5DIII (in large part) because of the improved focus system, particularly with respect to the out AF points in which I had no confidence with the 5DII. This picture merely illustrates an instance where I was confident in using one of the outer focus point, did so, and was pleased with the result.

BTW, I find it curious (and troubling) that such an innocuous post would prompt a need in you to "bring heat down" on anyone. In my many years on this forum I have seen far too many "heat throwers" and far to few actual positive contributors - although I note that many of the responses to your "heat" in this thread have helped restored my faith in this community. If you have anger issues, I implore you to work them out elsewhere.

+1. Seems odd that someone new to the forum is so disposed to be harsh and unpleasant. Perhaps it is a new screen name for someone who has been around here before under a different name.

I was not so far despite being attacked personally but I will be now. I cannot find the posts with the personal attacks against me, probably removed by the mods.

Yes - I removed some posts that I felt were personal attacks, or at least rude and derogatory and against the forum rules.

Well, this site needs to hire shrinks as well. The forums are full of insecure arrogant people who cannot participate in a normal discussion and believe that the only way to win an argument is to attack personally the opponent. There are many normal people as well, of course.

If you see people being rude to others, or to you personally, the correct course of action is to hit the Complain button and bring it to our intention.

Trying to fight abuse yourself is usually not only fruitless but it will also often end up in yourself breaking the forum rules and possibly getting action taken against you too!

It's also worth pointing out that there are times when the tone of a post can invite trouble, so, like all things in this world, it's worth considering how you yourself could have worded your post differently so as not to invite abuse to begin with.

The moderators are very keen to return these forums to a friendly and constructive environment for all, so please help us by complaining when you see people breaking the rules and don't escalate the situation by responding to obvious baits and trolling.

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