25 years of shoting with nikon ended for me..

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Re: 25 years of shoting with nikon ended for me..

MLYL wrote:

... after buying the XE1, the d600 doesn´t get used that much. I think mirrorless cameras are set to replace most dslrs, even full frame ones. Phase detection is already in place, so focus speed and tracking could pretty much equal dslrs. Improving the evf/lcd refresh rate to 120fps to reduce lag would be the killing blow. The XE1 resolution as of now is already good enough for me. Enjoy your new camera!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to be thinking along these lines with Nikon's mid-range offerings. As I mentioned in other posts, I shoot with a D3s and the venerable 70-200 for sports, and the quality it produced easily outpaced my old D300, and frankly, the D90 we had never really cut it for me.

I hesitated for a long time as to whether I should get the D600 or even the D800 as a second camera, but I just couldn't bring myself to doing it - neither seemed to offer sufficient performance to price ratio (although admittedly such a second purchase would make the most of all the Nikon glass I have). I even thought of the now-finally-released D5200 - not a pro camera, but it's light for travel, can use all my lens, and has an articulated screen (nice sometimes).

I'm still not sure I'm going to keep my 4 day old X-E1 (yes, a higher EVF refresh would be fantastic), but I'm just underwhelmed by Nikon's mid-range offerings. I guess I was looking for the "real" replacement to the D300s (no, not the D7000). In the meantime, the X-E1 is getting better everyday!

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