XZ2 as primary camera

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Re: XZ2 as primary camera

Got cut off...

Anyways, I forgot to mention, cost is a big concern. I figure by going with an XZ2, I'll save a ton on lenses.  I'm sure the deflation of the XZ2 will come much faster than lenses, but if the camera does the job, I'll just treat it like how I treat other electronics and just upgrade every couple of years or so.

As for my style of shooting.  I do heavy post-processing so OOC IQ is not a HUGE factor for my decision making.  Obviously, the more DR, sharpness, color grade, etc would be a bigger benefit, but I'm one of the few who use NR software as an artful technique rather than just to decrease grain.  I love HDRs, filters, and more than anything, photoshop!  I'm on the edge of photography and art.  I do practically no reportage style photography (shoot then print or shoot then post to social networks).  Almost all of my shots are rendered through filters and dodged and burned manually in PS.  I figure, with what little difference in IQ between a high end compact like an XZ2 versus a M43 kit or an APSC kit wouldn't be enough to justify spending thousands of dollars on lenses that cover my needs.

For what it's worth, I think the Lumix G3 + my 25/1.4 is amazing.  I'd love to stick with M43 and get into an Olympus EM5 or even the rumored Pen with EVF coming out soon.  Unfortunately, this is just a hobby for me and I'm a family man.  I can't justify the amount of money that an interchangeable lens system requires to cover my wants in FLs and different types of photography.  I also don't want to lug around a bag for my camera and lenses.  With an XZ2, I can just get a belt-clip on case or something.

Anyways, I'm just looking for thoughts and good tips/advice and general conversation on this matter.

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